Privacy Policy

FilePursuit.com, https://filepursuit.com/ or FilePursuit Android App/FilePursuit Pro Android App or FilePursuit API is committed to user privacy and/or our policy below and describes our principles in maintaining user trust and confidence and protecting your private data.

Any emails that you enter on this site for the purpose of connecting to us are used strictly for these purposes, at any time you can send a mail mentioning that you want to unsubscribe from our services in which case the email address is permanently deleted from our database.

Information Collection and Use. FilePursuit.com does not collect or use any personal information when you visit our website. Filepursuit.com may, however, from time-to-time, collect non-personal information available from your browser when you make a request from our website.

This information may include your IP address, your browser type, the URL requested by your browser and the date and time of your query. We use this information to monitor the use of our website and to improve the quality of our services. On occasion and in the future, non-personal information we that we gather may be shared with the third-parties to provide more relevant services and advertisements to our visitors.

For instance, we may share the number of users that have searched for specific files or clicked on a specific advertisement on our site. We adhere to valid legal processes and may provide information if required by law to protect the rights of our company, and in certain instances, to protect the personal safety of our users and the public on the whole.

For Data Removal requests, contact us using this form and provide appropriate information and data you wish us to remove.

The third party applications using our APIs are reponsible for their own privacy terms and FilePursuit must not be held reponsible for their actions.

Privacy Policy Changes
We have all rights to change, alter or modify our privacy policy at any time without prior notice. We will immediately post changes on this page and let you get acquainted with them.

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